Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Chapter 2

You may recall the post a couple of months ago about Steven and the card that he made for Gospel Echoes for their annual cookies-and-cards-for-prisoners project. It went to a prisoner named Michael and had a profound effect on him.

We wrote to Michael and told him about Steven, and this week we received a long letter in reply that included the following:

"In that letter I received I was very shocked and heartbroken that at some place so far away a boy grew up similar to the way I did. But what really affected me the most is finding out he is from Kenya. I must be honest. Before I received your letter I was a former White Power Gang member.

Since I received your letter I have done a lot of soul searching. I have read the Bible every day, and I have been learning the answers to the questions I’ve always had.

Since that letter I have gotten I covered my tattoos that were racial and one step after another I started practicing how to be a good person and change my thinking habits.

I prayed for forgiveness for my sins and now I’m forgiven. I believed and I feel I was answered with something better than a voice. I was answered with an emptiness that is now filled. I feel the presence of God with me and it’s great.

Thank you for helping opening my eyes. I’ve kind of went on and on in my letter, but it’s only my excitement with the life I live now.


I have heard that God likes to disguise miracles as coincidences. What are the chances of that card from that boy reaching that prisoner? Amazing.

Quote of the Day:
"Lousy Christian workers???"
--Jenny, when I was singing "Rouse, ye Christian workers, be ye up and doing," when I wanted Emily to wake up from her nap and help me in the kitchen


  1. That account it so precious, Dorcas. I'm glad God has given you a peek into His marvelous ways. In Heaven you'll find out more of how our words/presence have touched the hearts of others

  2. Just think Steven was born for "such a time as this." I just praise God that Steven is being used to further God's Kingdom.

  3. WOW--all I can say is what an awesome God we serve!!!! Love Jennys rendition of that song!!

  4. That story is really neat.