Friday, August 17, 2007

The Girls

Amy was having trouble with her Xanga site so she started a new one. Maybe you can check it out and encourage her to keep us posted on her life. Not that I am a manipulative scheming mom or anything.

And Emily just posted a new movie on tikki-tikki-tembo in which she found a great excuse to indulge in all her favorites: writing drama, acting, playing with hair styles, making movies, and dressing in wild costumes.

Quote of the Day:
Me: Jenny, put your bootsie tootsies away.
Ben: Have you considered the fact that your youngest kid is 8 years old? And that we don't exactly appreciate having you refer to boots as bootsie tootsies?
Jenny: Ben's got a point, Mom.
Me: (sigh)


  1. QOTD-Makes you kinda sad, doesn't it? Oh, well, save it for your grandchildren! Pauline

  2. It's good to re-discover your blog, after happening upon it for a brief time several years ago. I enjoy your posts. :-)