Monday, August 11, 2008

Hansie Goes To The Doctor

If you ever think you lead a boring life, you can come by and take Hansie to the vet for his rabies shot.

I got Ben and Jenny to help me, since Hansie obeys them much better than me. He obeys Steven the best, but he was at work. As we were wrestling Hansie's hind legs into the back of the van, my SIL Geneva came by with Zack. "Do you have a sick horse?" she asked, laughing mercilessly.

At the vet's, Hansie was all excited and hyper, which was not helped by the two cats in the office and Jenny shrieking at him to be good. We finally managed to get all four of his feet on the scales at once, for the briefest moment, just long enough for the vet to announce that he weighs 170 pounds.

We talked to one end of Hansie while the vet gave him his shot in the other end, and he didn't even notice the poke.

Ben and Jenny wrestled him back into the van while I paid the bill, and then Jenny sat in the back seat and sang to him on the way home, and all was well, and he is inoculated for another year even if he tangles with a rabid nutria.

Back in my hyper-sensitive conscience days I would have felt compelled to tell you that in yesterday's article I implied that Ben, Steven, and Hansie each weigh 150 pounds, but that the actual weights turn out to be 150, 140, and 170, respectively. My conscience has grown callous to such hair-splitting, but I find it interesting how close I came to their average weight.

Quote of the Day:
Has he gotten into any more pork bones?
--Amy the nice veterinarian, with a hint of amusement, referring of course to that awful episode two years ago.


  1. Oh Dorcas, you just make me laugh. Which ordinarily would be great, but I just had surgery and laughing hard makes my incision hurt. However, I enjoy your posts so much that I risk checking your blog every day anyhow. OW! They are good medicine in spite of the pain. =D

  2. I hope he doesn't have to have a rabies shot every year....aren't they good for 3 or 4 years?

    Sounds like you had a fun time anyway...what kind of dog is he that he is so huge?

    We have been taking cats to the vet 2 at a time every couple of months this year....making our vet rich. Spring of 2007, we had 3 we have 9, having given 5 away!!! And yet, the mice still dare to of our 3 month old kittens was playing with one this morning.

  3. Sorry, MamaK!
    KaraBeagle--you're right. I thought the shot was good for one year and then I read the fine print on the little paper from the vet and it's actually 3 years.

  4. Oops, forgot to answer your question--Hansie is part German Shepherd, that much we can tell by how he looks. The rest we don't know--part mastiff, maybe. Or maybe just a big breed of shepherd.

  5. Definately part horse, Dorcas!!!!!