Saturday, May 08, 2010

Like and Dislike

I like: piano recitals, especially when the kids play short pieces, so you can truly appreciate their cuteness and skill without getting bored, with just enough longer pieces at the end to give you a good taste of amazing skill and practice on display. I also like recitals where Jenny plays well, which she did today.

I dislike: when people say "PIN number," "SAT test," and "NYM ministries."

[Ooops. Just realized I wrote "SAT test" two posts back. Argh.]

Quote of the Day:
"Traffic is moving slowly on Belt Line near River Road. We're efforting to find out exactly what's wrong."
--the guy on KUGN


  1. Why do you not like NYM ministries? I confess I don't know anything about them. You're welcome to send me an email at By the way I am the Jimmy your father taught in Mt. Perry,O. Thanks, Jim

  2. Jim--I like NYM Ministries. They do a fine work. I don't like the redundancy of their name. Northern Youth Ministries Ministries. I realize their official name is now NYM (acronym only), but it still bugs me.

  3. Another one to add to the list: ATM machine.

  4. Re: The quote of the day -- I like the one I heard in Toronto ..."There is a mechanically challenged vehicle on the 401 E. at Milton." Political correctness gone to seed.