Saturday, May 21, 2011

On a Roll: More Quotes

Somehow the notable quotes just keep accumulating around here.

I saw a young multi-pierced man in Eugene standing on a street corner holding two cardboard signs, one in each hand. But instead of the usual, "Need work, need help, God bless," they said, in one hand, "Rock" and in the other hand, "Hard place."

Surely with such a clever mind he could find a real job.

"Make Tea Not War"
--a bumper sticker in Eugene. I like this.

"How do you walk with poise, yet humbleness?"
--Jenny, reading the very detailed manual as she prepared for her platform event at the ACE Junior Convention

"I know what we should name Steven's cat--UFO!! Unnamed Feline Offspring."
--Jenny of course

"There were these potatoes with this fatty saucy stuff with like green cloves, and underneath was chicken."
--Jenny, describing what Sharon K. had brought for supper one night while I was in Minnesota. I'll have to get that recipe. Everyone liked it, despite the cloves.

"One thing will be the same at my wedding as the Royal Wedding: Fergie the Duchess of York will not be invited."

And while we're on the subject:
"I mean, some things are exciting to watch, but a royal wedding, you already know the outcome."

"Compost. Free samples."
--a sign on Goltra Road that makes my girls happy, since they so seldom see interesting signs in Oregon, like they saw all over in Kenya.


  1. These are great! Really like the one about the 'Rock' and 'Hard Place'! And Jenny! That girl really comes up with some good ones.

  2. And then you can post the recipe here!

  3. Your family is very quotable. I had to laugh at their take on the royal wedding. Your husband sounds like another Smucker I knew once upon a time. Her name begins and ends with a 'B,' her hair is red, and her wit is dry. Very. :)

  4. Rhonda, you make me laugh. Yes, indeed, B__b Smucker to my knowledge was not into the royal wedding.