Friday, June 22, 2012

Thailand Tales 9

Random bits and pieces:

It's 47 steps from street level to the top floor where Steven and Jenny stay.  And if that's not high enough for you, then you can climb a welded-pipe ladder that's bolted to the wall and goes up another 12 feet to a little balcony area up by the roof.  I haven't yet figured out the purpose of this.  I had thought I might go up there sometimes to just get some fresh air, since there's no good place to just go and sit outside and breathe in private.  The trouble is, it's just sort of bare concrete, and the guys' workout/weightlifting area is also up there, just across the rail, so I don't feel too comfortable.

Speaking of ladders, that ladder always makes me think of "the trembling ladder, steep and tall, to the highest window in the wall." Last Saturday night there was a talent night here for entertainment, and Jenny recited Paul Revere's Ride.  We were also treated to singing, skits, expressive readings, and such.  Six guys acting out the Cinderella story?  That was priceless.

Jenny was sure those bites on her legs were from bedbugs.  So we Googled "bed bugs" and crawled all around her bed with a little flashlight, lifting up the sheet and inspecting.  If either of us found the smallest crumb or specimen, we conferred over it like frowning delegates at a NATO conference.  At least once, what we thought was a little black bug was a needle hole.  No bedbugs, we finally decided.  But it was a great mother-daughter bonding time.

You really need to go read Emily's Fathers Day tribute to Paul here.

We enjoy getting to know people.
Jenny says she TALKS with people and I VISIT with people.
This is Talking:
Hi Allison!
Oh hi Jenny!
How are you?
Great!  How are you?
Fine.  See ya.

This is Visiting:
Hi Allison!
Oh hi Dorcas!
So how are you doing?
[Leaning forward, earnest look on face] How are your classes going?  I hope Paul isn't giving you too much homework.

 Steven actually had a few elephant pictures on his camera that I didn't know were there.  Here:

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  1. I read Jenny's Father's Day piece, and loved it.

    Then I took a stroll around Emily's blog (I suppose that's why it's open to the public?). I saw an interview she had with my nephew, Verlyn G. :) Funny!

    Verlyn is my brother's son.
    Nice pics. -PC in VA