Sunday, December 09, 2012

December LFH

Today's Letter from Harrisburg is for you if you buy people gifts you think they ought to want.

Or if your mother does this to you.

Here it is.


  1. Your column today in the R-G really touched my heart with the truth it contained. Mothers try so hard and we so often miss the mark, but we sure can love a lot. Thank you dear lady.

  2. Last year at Thanksgiving time, I printed out your poem. It struck many chords with me. I still have it.
    Today I tried printing out this article (but we need more ink). It should be enlarged and framed! -PC

  3. Really enjoyed this, thank you!

  4. Enjoyed this, and it made me consider my own giving. This "Family Circus" cartoon was in our paper a few days after I read your post and thought you may enjoy. Dolly has a paper and pencil and is asking, "Is a Christmas list s'posed to be the stuff I want or the stuff you want to give me?" Thank you Janet

  5. thanks, everyone!
    Janet--My daughter found that very comic and cut it out and posted it on the fridge!