Saturday, March 30, 2013

Convention Results

Here are Brownsville's results at the Regional Convention, for those of you who know these fine youngsters:

All-school events:

Group Bible Speaking--2nd

Small Ensemble--4th

All the boys:
Basketball-- 1st

Other events:

PACE Bowl--Shane Baker, Shanea Doutrich, Joshua Kropf, Spencer Kropf--5th

Bible Bowl--
Team B--Alicia Ruckert, Austin Shrock, Joshua Kropf, Shanea Doutrich--1st

Team A--Steven Smucker, Shane Baker, Spencer Kropf--2nd

Team C--Caleb Kropf, Kyle Baker, Mikala Shrock, Jenny Smucker--6th

Boys' 400 Meter Relay--Steven, Shane, Kyle, Austin--1st

Running Long Jump--Steven 1st
                                    Shane 2nd
                                    Joshua 5th

Boys 100 Meter Dash--Kyle 2nd
                                     Austin 3rd

Boys 200 Meter Dash--Steven 1st

Boys 800 Meter Run--Shane 1st

Boys Table Tennis--Spencer 2nd
                                 Joshua 6th

Girls Table Tennis--Shanea 3rd
                               Alicia 4th

Girls 200 Meter Dash--Mikala 6th

Discus--Joshua 3rd

Boys Traditional Instinctive--Caleb 2nd

Boys Unlimited Free Style--Austin 1st


Mixed Duet--Jenny and Steven--3rd

String Bowed Solo--Shanea 1st

Female Duet--Shanea and Alicia--6th

Checkers--Steven 1st

Poetry Recitation--Jenny 1st
                               Mikala 5th

Poetry Writing--Jenny 2nd

Short Story Writing--Shanea 4th

Dresses--Mikala 2nd

Scrapbooking--Shanea 1st

Spelling--Shanea 2nd

 Pen & Ink drawing--Joshua 4th

Quilts--Shanea 4th

There were LOTS of different categories which I don't feel like typing out in detail, so here's a quick list of winners--
 Spencer 1st, 3rd, 6th
Shanea 2nd
Austin 3rd, 6th

CAP is a special award for cumulative scores in 4 different categories, and Jenny placed 6th.

Special thanks to the sponsors who put it all together--Paul, Rachel Doutrich, and Regina Ruckert--and to the children for doing us proud.

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