Saturday, October 12, 2013

Tea and Trouble on Kindle

I'm happy to announce that you can now get Tea and Trouble Brewing in a Kindle edition.

Right here.


  1. I downloaded this book the day you posted on it, and just wanted to share how your writing blessed a friend of mine, months after the fact.

    We were sitting at the table drinking tea (of course!), and she was sharing how her eldest is in danger of failing fifth grade because he hates to do his homework. (No learning disabilities; he just has a work allergy.) She hates having to create draconian consequences for him when he drags his heels, but is convinced that he's going to have to learn a work ethic, and better sooner than later.

    At one point, she said that she felt like a total failure as a mother because of all the grief he's putting her through right now. I paraphrased (because, of course, my Kindle was buried upstairs someplace unknown) your paragraphs on observing motherless boys in Africa, and how they would have given anything for any sort of mother. I also shared some of your observations in the line of "We don't fully appreciate the impact we have, even as imperfect mothers," and that we need to give ourselves some grace.

    It appeared to really help.

    Thank you for blessing a couple of us younger moms!

  2. Dear "Unknown"--Thanks so much for sharing that.