Wednesday, November 06, 2013

One More Day!

I'm extending grace and mercy to everyone who's a procrastinator like me:

The Tea and Trouble ebook is free for one more day!

Thursday, Nov. 7.

Right here.


  1. I'm reading my copy right now and chuckling aloud as I read parts to my husband :) So many things I like about it--the local names I recognize, the universal mothering bits, the spiritual nudges...thoroughly enjoyable!
    Sue R.

  2. Yeah, me too! My daughter is giving me strange looks as I read-little snuffling noises, etc. I love it! And I've told one friend and two sisters-in-law about it! A mother is a mother is a mother. And I see my hubby downloaded it too!

  3. Oh how exciting!

    I got the memo last night, too late to do anything but order it myself. Now I get to tell my friends. :)

    Thanks, Dorcas!

  4. Love the book, as well as your other writing. I posted it on my facebook page. Thank you. My daughter asks why I keep giggling.
    Kathy Sharp

  5. I see you broke into the top 100. Congratulations!

  6. Got it, read it straight through, LOVE it!

  7. I downloaded it at ten minutes to midnight the first day it was available - I guess that makes me a night-owl procrastinator with a talent for squeaking in under the wire.

    I'm enjoying the book tremendously! Thank you!!

    I'm also looking forward to reading Emily's book; I have it on order.

  8. Totally loving the book! I love the way you put forth effort to understand your children at every stage of their lives.