Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Amos Yoder Looks at More Things

Two days ago my brother Fred arrived in his truck.  He had just delivered a tanker trailer to Portland and was here to take Dad back to Minnesota.
It took a few hours for Cleo to warm up to Fred, but then she was smitten for good.

They decided to leave today to pick up a load in Salt Lake City.  I took Dad to the warehouse to look around one last time.  He's been intrigued with the rebuilding of Steve's pellet mill that burned in May, so we nosed around there, too.

Thus, another set of pictures that's a little bit like Kim Jong Un Looking At Things.

The boxy building in the center is where the pelleting machine will be.  And just so you know, two people are watching us from the highest window in the warehouse, way back there against the blue sky.
Here they were lifting a beam into place.  There's a special emphasis on metal and other fire-resistant materials in this building project.
This reminds me of something at Cape Canaveral but it's actually another shot of the pellet-making building.
Inspecting a pile of screenings.
Here Dad is back in our warehouse, inspecting the grass seed.  The pallets are sitting around like islands because the bags just got tagged, and they're waiting to get stretch-wrapped.

Ben and Amanda are up in the highest window on the right side, waving at Grandpa and getting very dusty.

Fred was exploring the bagging area where he spent many hours in 1997.
I still find it hard to believe that it actually worked out to have Dad here for the summer.  For the last ten years or more, we had tossed and mulled ideas for getting Mom and Dad out here for a visit or to stay, and it never worked out.

And then it suddenly worked to have Dad here.

If we had had too much time to over-think it, I'm not sure it would have happened.  But we said yes, let's do this, and then we did it, and it all worked out astonishingly well.

Dad was very grateful to us for "taking care of him," as he put it.

I am so glad we could and did.

How many 97-year-olds do you know who are eager to travel a few thousand miles in a semi truck?
There they go.
Quote of the Day:
[I served spaghetti and broccoli and muffins for supper.]
Fred: Do you buy muffins from strangers?
Me: Ummm, I don't know.  I don't think so.
Fred: Oh, so you DO know the muffin man!

[Poor Fred. I am terrible at tracking his offbeat humor.]


  1. I love the "Muffin Man" thingy! I don't remember Fred, of course I hadn't remembered you either! I kept seeing your family show up at Sunnyside to see Mahlon's and Lavina's family. I left Iowa in 1966 , 48 years ago, so not sure what your ages were. Of course I probably have told you this at least once before! :-) :-( Keep writing and amusing!

  2. What a great post. Heart-warming!! for sure..

    Love the Muffin Man. I'm passing that one on!!

  3. You are going to miss your dad! It seems like he's been a quiet, steady presence (except in the early mornings)... faithful and predictable, quirky, loved.

    God bless you for making the space, and for enjoying him so much! You will always be glad you did.

  4. I love to read your posts. So interesting. I forward them to my english friend, she really enjoys them also. I won one of your books a few years ago. Also enjoyed it! The one entitled Ordinary Days and also Upstairs the Peasants are Revolting.

  5. Is this the brother Fred who makes up stories about seeing the astronauts on the moon and other such things?

  6. Thanks, everyone. Shari, I'm sure you're right, that we'll always be glad we did this.
    Anonymous, yes, that is the same Fred. Mmm-hmmm. And some things have changed and some have not.

  7. I have enjoyed all your posts about your dad. Caring for our elderly parents is so rewarding. Your dad's brother, Johnny, is our next-door neighbor and also keeps very active at 90+ years old. All summer he has been bringing us sweet corn from his garden. We had what I THINK was the last of the season's, for supper yesterday. Delicious!

  8. Janet Anderson9/18/2014 1:16 PM

    The "Muffin Man" comment was great and I will be another one that will be passing on the comment:)

    Really enjoyed seeing the pics showing how the new building is coming along. Since I live in MN a grass seed business is something new and interesting. Thanks for sharing.

    Glad your family has had this time with your Dad this summer.

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  10. I just love the pictures of your Dad standing here and there.