Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Meeting the Maintenance Man

Remember the text that went astray and then was found in the most bizarre coincidence?

If not, go read about it here.

Yesterday I got to meet the parties involved in this tale--except for Lisa, unfortunately, who was supposed to get the original text.  I gave a talk at the Garden Way Retirement Center, a beautiful establishment over on Garden Way Street in Eugene, and Elizabeth Witt the organizer person assembled us for a picture.

Me, Elizabeth, Brian the unfortunate maintenance man, and Brenda the young activities director.

Brian was so gracious about that strange text.

And he is certainly not pregnant.

I spoke to about 30 residents and they had lots of interesting questions afterwards.  And one good. . .

. . . Quote of the Day:
"I read the very first article of yours that was in the Register-Guard.  And I remember I saw your name--Dorcas??  Smucker??-- and I thought, 'Did someone at the Guard accidentally have his fingers on the wrong row of keys?"
--a nice gentleman

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