Sunday, September 09, 2018

LFH--Frogs, Humor, and Growing Older

Due to changes at the newspaper, [freelancing vs. work for hire] I can no longer post my entire column as a blog post. So here's the beginning, with a link to the rest of the article.

Letters from Harrisburg: Growing old offers endless amusements
By Dorcas Smucker For The Register-Guard

Something strange and shocking has been happening at our house. It’s hard to admit, but my husband, Paul, and I seem to be acting a lot more like our parents. We yell more than we used to, and small problems somehow turn into big theatrical events.
The “back pantry” of our old farmhouse has a concrete floor and a door leading outside that has a significant gap on the bottom.
A few weeks ago, I hunted for a container of blueberries in the old refrigerator in that pantry. As I reached for the berries, I was startled by a quick green movement right by my eye. A frog crouched there, inches away, on top of the open refrigerator door.
[You can read the rest here.]


  1. Delightful. My husband and I are at about the same spot; we find lots of humor in our creeping deafness and blindness. As long as we have each other to make up the deficiencies I figure we can make it.

  2. Thanks for the entertaining account and the sage conclusions.

    Yesterday I talked to someone who goes to church with your Uncle Johny. She says he hardly understands anything said during church. His children have tried to get him set up with hearing aids but he says they don't work. I hope your hearing stays stellar. LRM

  3. Even Time magazine agrees with you. Jeffrey Kluger writes about the surprising joy of old age in the September 17 issue. So maybe now as your growing older, you should take up writing for Time magazine. ��