Thursday, August 18, 2005


I am one of those unfortunate people who throws up easily.

I prefer the front seat because I’m less likely to get carsick, and I remember all those rides in small planes, back in our Canada days, as nauseous ordeals during which I fingered the sic-sac in my lap while praying desperate entreaties.

Then there was the little matter of five pregnancies which involved throwing up I would guess well over a thousand times in all.

All that to explain why I’ve felt queasy ever since Ben told me about his midnight snack.

Last night Ben and Steven’s friend Preston had the two of them plus about 9 other boys at his place for a campout.

Ben and a few others were still awake at 2a.m. They were also hungry. So some of them went back to the house for food and the others stirred up the fire. The first ones returned with leftover hamburgers and hot dogs from supper, which they warmed over the fire with tongs and then ate.

The thought of eating warmed-over hot dogs at 2:00 in the morning is almost more than I can handle. Blecchhh.

Quote of the Day:
"Why don’t you just buy Smucker’s jam?"
--the clerk at BiMart, when I bought pectin and lemon juice, and she read my name on the credit card (which, don’t worry, we pay off in full every month, unlike that irresponsible ITF guy).


  1. Well!!! We seem to have a lot of things in common...hatred of snakes..and being able to barf at the drop of a hat!! That reminds me of a couple years ago, I was in Safeway...down wind from someone that absolutely reeked!! Well I went out to the car, and retched myself sick!!!! Yea barfing is a talent that I've got down pat!!(yuck!!)

  2. I seem to remember the contests we kids had when you were pregnant with Jenny...seeing who could sound the most like Mom Throwing Up.
    That is going to be one massive crown you've got when you get to Heaven.

  3. Dorcas Byler8/19/2005 3:57 AM

    I am a school teacher. One of my biggest fears was having a student barf in school. So for nine years, at the beginning of the year I would always pray that no student would barf. I would also tell the students if they felt the need to throw up they were hasten to the restroom without waiting for permission. I would willing forgive. I got by for nine years not having to clean up a student's upchuck. On the tenth year of my career, I became complacent. I forgot to pray about it, and I forgot to tell my students. On the very first day of school, a little second grade boy who was trying to so hard to be obedient sat in his desk and barfed all over his book, because I hadn't answered his hand yet to go to the restroom. Fortunately, becoming a parent made it a bit easier for me. I have actually been able to clean up someone else's without adding my own to the mix.

  4. Dorcas, from everything I've heard, you and I seem to deal with pregnacies the same way.....barfing 24-7 for nine months! And I think 1000 times is a very conservative estimate. That's why I sure hope I'm thru that stage of life! But hot dogs at 2:00 in the morning....makes even a non-prgnant women want to barf!

  5. Dorcas, you forgot to mention the sand dunes.

  6. I am truly very sick when I start barfing--but I can become very queasy over very silly things--strange foods in the middle of the night don't really do it for me but my sympathies are w/ you!!!:)

  7. Bethany, we went to the coast today which brought back memories of that horrible unspeakable dune buggy ride. NEVER AGAIN.
    And yes, Pauline, 1000 is a conservative estimate, but would anyone but you believe me if I said, oh, maybe 3000? 5000? Who knows?
    Arlene and Dorcas B, sorry if I found your stories amusing...
    Matt, thanks for your sympathy. a bit belated but very nice all the same.

  8. To Dorcas Byler, Just yesterday I was telling my 6-year-old about the time in second grade when I threw up all over my lap in chapel. The memory just has a big feeling of embarrasment associated with it... Telling it now, though, I'm quite conscious of how "unfun" that must have been for my poor teacher. (And I can't even do her the justice of remembering her name! I guess her reward is in heaven.)

    Dorcas S., Thank you for putting my own pregnancy nausea into perspective! My three pregnancies have all been nasty, but the worst was about 6 months of constant nausea, frequent gagging, and throwing up sometimes but I don't think it was daily. Even now I can't stand the smell of ginger, 'cause it was something I used in my feeble attemps to combat it, so I associate it with nausea. But your story is another notch up; you have my admiration and sympathy. Especially at the thought of children imitating the sound... I don't know WHAT I would have done to them. With pregnancy hormones, probably just cried!

  9. Sharon Y (aka the other Sharon)8/20/2005 5:45 AM

    Warning! First paragraph may be too gross for some of you. Ahh, yes, I remember I got very good at barfing while pregnant. I could bring it all up and then discover I was hungry and go eat again. It stayed down the second time around!

    I was present on Dorcas B's lack of prayer barf day and remember feeling very helpful in assisting with the cleanup without even so much as a gag. But now, when it comes to swatting flies I just can't handle it. My barf reflex gets very strong at the thought. I've been known to beg others to do the dirty work for me. So if any of you ever come to Grantsville, and want some brownie points, just stop in and grab the fly swatter!