Thursday, April 20, 2006


I just got home from another grocery-shopping expedition. Spent lots of money. Filled the car with bags and jugs and boxes. (Best bargain: Life cereal at Grocery Outlet for 99 cents a box. I bought 14 boxes.)

And next week I'll have to do it all over again. (Well, maybe the Life will last two weeks.) And in the meanwhile somebody is sure to whine that there's nothing in the house to eat.

I figured out today that our family eats probably 112,000 calories a week. No wonder I'm always scrambling to keep food on hand.

Quote of the Day:
Steven: (eating a bite of bacon) Hmmm!
Me: What?
Steven: The part that I tasted, tasted like termites!
Me: Really??
Steven: Yes. It's good!
Emily: Did you ever think you'd have a child tell you your food tastes like bugs and you'd take it as a compliment?


  1. Hi Dorcas, You'd be surprised at some of the unusual things people say about food!

  2. I sure hear you on the grocery shopping! When I was a newlywed, if someone had told me that in twenty years I would be spending more than half of my current (1986) income on groceries, I'd have thought they'd gotten into Granny's moonshine! Pauline

  3. With 4 boys I am amazed now at the amount of food they can eat! I am dreading how much I will be cooking when they get older....and I like to cook!

  4. A quote from one of my cookbooks,"It takes a heap of cooking to make a house a home."