Sunday, June 10, 2007

Letter from Hburg

Today's column is about similarities and differences among siblings and is found here.


  1. Me too. And I have twins; That is so incredibly weird. I'm still scratching my head & trying to figure out how this family thing actually works. My oldest girl & my youngest are so differnt it's not funny. They clash like a major cyclone yet my older girl still prefers her little sister's company over her friends because, 'she's more interesting than anyone else I know & at least she's sensible.' That from a child who is always screaming at her sister for acting silly! I don't have space to go into the twin thing. They share their DNA but they can't share a room! lol.

  2. great article :-)

  3. Our middle son and my adopted brother are very much alike--great singing voice, lots of initiative, personable, etc. Their genes couldn't have much in common. My husband, son, and brother are all native to different countries and have the distinctive features of three different people groups. I agree--God chooses, and it's a good thing.
    Miriam Iwashige