Saturday, June 16, 2007

Seizure and Stuff

Paul is the sort of person who marches into situations and gets things done. He can do pretty much anything he sets his mind to, such as figuring taxes and starting the tiller and changing oil and persuading stubborn people and fixing the coffee percolator at church and packing the van efficiently and a long list more.

Next to him, I tend to feel bumbling and incapable and tentative.

So last Sunday night was a bit of an "Oh yeah, that's right," reminder for me.

We had Uncle Milford and Aunt Susie over for popcorn after church, along with their guest, Milford's bachelor friend John.

We were sitting around the table talking and eating when John, at the end, started scootching his chair back and forth. At first we thought, oh, maybe it's stuck on the table leg or something. But he kept scootching, back and forth, back and forth.

In a case like this, first you think nothing of it, then you're a bit embarrassed for him, then you wake up and realize Something Is Wrong.

John had this fixed look on his face. I said, "Are you ok?" and he didn't answer. Then he started twitching his head and snorting, over and over.

Susie looked at me. "He has epilepsy. He's having a seizure."

Of course I thought, "He's going to fall," and turned to Paul to tell him to catch him if he goes over. Paul sat there with this awkward "Just get me out of here and get this over with" look on his face. I could tell the last thing he felt like doing was being involved here, in any capacity.

Well, John didn't fall over, and in a short time the fog cleared off his face and he became aware of us again. I again asked if he's ok. He looked a bit bewildered and said, "I guess I'm just a little tired."

They left soon after. And Paul admitted that in such a situation he feels very uncomfortable and completely out of his element.

It was a reminder for me that there actually is one area, and that's medical emergencies, where I am the capable, take-charge person in our marriage.

Quote of the Day:
Ben: Mom, can you think of a comic character with a somewhat Mennonite last name?
Me: (Ummmm, Stoltzfus, Miller, Yoder. . . ?) No.
Ben: Dr. Zook in Hagar the Horrible.

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