Tuesday, December 04, 2007

File this under: How I want to be when I'm old

Quotes of the Day, from some recent letters from my mom:

"I had a skunk in the trap again this morning--the 17th one for this year. I've caught 27 rats and 4 possums! Quite often the trap is snapped and the bait is all gone and nothing in the trap--I blame mice for that, or young rats, maybe, they can slip out through the wire mesh."

"Last week he (Dad) was hauling wood home, so one day I went along. I always enjoy spending time in the "bush." He cut up the logs and I piled them on the pick-up and in 1 hour we had a big load. I think we both enjoyed it."

"You do have lots of mice--I'd love to help you catch them. . .I caught three skunks and a rat so far in Nov. and Dad says there's a possum loose in the barn, so I'll keep on trapping. I'd think they'd soon be hibernating."

"When we visited them I tried to remind Mahlon of things that happened years ago at home and he remembered. He is 4 years younger than I, so I feel very fortunate yet, although I'm getting very forgetful which scares me sometimes."

(Mom is 87; Dad is 91)


  1. gngasuoRYC:Wow! I guess you should preen. I must have read that book ten times and it certainly did shape my thinking in those early years.
    The other thing that amazes me is what a difference it makes in the next generation when people choose between tradition and wealth or education and a greater world view. I'm sure you get the picture.

  2. I have thought this 100s of times in my life and this says it again Grandma really is an amazing woman!

  3. This is your mom doing the trapping?? If so, I am duely impressed!