Saturday, December 29, 2007


Here are a few scenes from our house. We have Emily's bedroom door, then Amy happily scrubbing, then our giraffe proclaiming the good news. A jolly fat person stopped by uninvited in the next picture, then we have a few pictures of Steven's Gotcha Day meal on Christmas Eve. Jenny was happily flipping chapatis as Emily rolled them out, Steven made ugali while Paul cut up the pineapple, and on the table we also had rice, chai, sakuma, and chicken.

I was trying to figure out a profound reason why that last picture should be on here the second time, and I might as well tell the truth: it showed up and I can't figure out how to take it off. And now my big kids can chuckle like Matt did last night when I asked him if he could please put something like Microsoft Word on the little icon thingy on my new computer. I meant the desktop. I don't think I was that far off but he snickered dreadfully.


  1. The way I figure it, if it took four hard copies (HC) to get the message across, two copies of the blog photo (BP) ought to about cover it.

    After all, not only does HC divided by BP equal BP, BP squared equals HC. Then there's the reality that subtracting BP from HC yields BP.

    That, Dorcas, somehow seems profound enough for me.

  2. Am always sure that when I open this blog goods narratives are waiting for me,this blog has naver left me the same, it always leaves a smile on my face and joy in my heart,
    what a wonderful family is this? Oh a God fearing one.God bless and have Happy new year
    sammy from Kemya