Friday, January 18, 2008

Hollywood Catches Up With Me Again

I inherited the Yoder lower lip (big and poochy), about which my brothers made soul-scarring disparaging comments, and the first time I saw myself on video in 8th grade I thought it looked like my lower lip was a banana flopping up and down.

And then the world spun around a few times and suddenly all the stars in Hollywood like Angelina Jolie were injecting collagen into their lower lips to make them more poochy and banana-like.

How about that.

Then I had teenage daughters who rolled their eyes at my horrifying habit of wearing (whisper) knee socks! Oh, the shame of such a mother. Never mind that knee socks were warm and much more attractive than pale skin between skirt and ankle sock. They were completely unfashionable and uncool. And then what should I find this morning but this:

Shedding their school girl image, knee-high hosiery is getting a fresh update from some of Hollywood’s most stylish starlets. Ashlee Simpson keeps it sporty, pairing them with her low-top Converse sneakers. Jessica Alba playfully wears them in a contrasting color over a pair of black opaque tights. We’re not completely sold on this trend, but we’d love to hear from you. Tell us: Would you wear this look?

I don't know about "this look" but I certainly wear sporty black knee socks paired playfully with a long denim skirt and Josef Seibel mules, just as I have for years. It's fine with me if the rest of the world finally catches on to the wisdom and good sense of this.

I should add two things--in the last couple of years, my daughters have actually come around on the knee sock issue, and I honestly do not normally follow the Hollywood-star-fashions links on the Juno home page, really, believe me, honest, only when they mention something fascinating like knee socks.

Quote of the Day:
"Do you know what salt is? Salt is a highly reactive metal and a poisonous gas."
--Ben, who considers this normal family conversation


  1. Hah! I love your post--everything comes around, and some of us just get there sooner than others.

  2. I absolutely adored this post! Perhaps you can wear anything, as long as you wear it with confidence, and someone, someday, will pass it off as "fashionable."
    I just wanted to say, Dorcas, that all your posts are amazing, but you really have outdone yourself this time.

  3. That's funny! Thursday I went to a Bible study. I wore tights since they were calling for snow. By the time we left an hour and one-half later it was snowing in earnest. I was the only lady with long socks on. I was also the oldest lady there (at 46).
    I got your books!! Not only have I read them, my 9 nine year old daughter is devouring them as well. So entertaining and wholesome!

  4. I love knee socks!! It was the only thing I asked my husband to get me for Christmas. I tend to go for stripes and argyles. I also like striped tights. I usually wear mine with my birkenstocks or Mary Janes, but I have been known to wear them under a denim skirt with my black and pink high top converse.

    Since I started wearing mostly skirts I really love them, since pantyhose and tights can be uncomfortable.

  5. Thank you for coming in. It was fun when you came in to speak. We enjoyed reading about us in your blog. You inspired us to become writers like you.
    Mrs. Fischer's 3rd Grade Class
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  6. Do not let my mom see this post! We've (my sis. and i) have laughed at her knee socks for the last 15 yrs. I can't stand them myself, but if the skirt is long enough, i guess they're ok. :) My Mom is from the 'short skirt era'. :) Love your posts! Amber