Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Something Cool

I have my blog set up so that any comments get forwarded to my email account. Of course I love comments as much as any blogger, although I haven't resorted, as some have, to putting this box in my sidebar with an angry-looking older lady in a rumpled hat and the words, "Would it kill ya to comment?" And that's not just because I have no idea how to put boxes in my sidebar. As Emily says, what good are comments if you have to beg for them?

Anyway. Today the Harrisburg Hens met again after a long pause and we had a very nice prayer-and-share-and-coffee-and-rolls time at Mari's house.

When I came home a little after noon I checked my email. 7 messages! And while I was reading them, another you-have-mail flag popped up, and then another.

It turned out that at the exact time that I was checking my email, the third graders that I spoke to the other day were posting comments on my Sickness and Third Graders post, so they were popping up like popcorn on my screen.

I tell you, that was fun, reading comment after sincere, sweet, cool, well-written comment from those kids. Thanks and applause to them and to Mrs. Fischer, Ms. Chang, and the other teachers!

You can read their twenty-some comments here.

Quote of the Day:
"Hi Dorcas.Thank you for koming to therd grade."
--Torrien in room 1


  1. Okay Im guilty of the lady that says Would it kill ya to comment. As in real life I have no shame! LOL

  2. Wanting to live,
    A comment hereby I give.
    May the twenty-some you got before,
    Serve to spare me all the more.

    And to all a good night.

  3. What a poet you are! But no, the 20some comments that went before do not get you out of 20 some more!

  4. No, it won't kill me. I'm just too tired to think of anything to say.Margaret