Friday, April 16, 2010

My Sassy Daughters

Paul and I were trying to have a conversation this evening but Jenny kept interrupting. Finally I got her to be quiet for 60 seconds and gave her the lecture that her older sisters know by heart, that if you want to talk it's like crossing the street, you look both ways to see if there's any traffic coming. And if there's a car coming, so to speak, like Dad talking or me talking, you WAIT.

And Jenny interrupted, "Unless you want to jump out in traffic and die, ha ha ha."


The situation was not helped by big sis Amy snickering in the background.

Me: Jenny, that's what I'm talking about. Just because something pops in your head doesn 't mean you have to say it.

Jenny: I'm sorry, Mom. [penitent Bambi eyes.]

More snickers from big sister.

So the girls told me what it is like to be a Smucker woman. Something clever pops in your head and it it just comes flying out of your mouth. It just does. Yes, they said, I get annoyed at the fact that if they think something, they just HAVE to say it, sassy or appropriate or not, but the flip side of it is that I also envy them their ability to snap back with quick answers that put people in their place, the kind it takes me two days to think up.

Surely they could come up with snappy answers and ALSO have God put a filter in their heads so they don't say these snarky things to parents and teachers. That's what I think, anyway, as my daughters snicker in the background. Poor old mom, who never figures out what she wants to say until she writes it on her blog the next day.


Quote of the Day:
Well-meaning supper guest: Amy, what grade are you in?
Amy: I'm the teacher.


  1. There are many times when we need to have Jesus put an arm around our shoulder and a hand over our mouth!!

  2. My, do I like that filter idea. After many years I still would need one. Once a sister-in-law said, of us sisters - by the time I've thought it, one of the_______sisters has said it. OH

    Mary H

  3. This was just too funny. But I like the idea of looking both ways, so to speak, before you talk. I'll have to try that with my children.