Saturday, February 18, 2012

Jamaica 9--Delete

I was (kindly) asked to pull or edit my posts about the orphanage for fear they'd be read by someone in charge who could make things very tough for anyone who wants to come and help.

Not that I can really imagine someone from Jamaica finding my blog, but I see their point. And I guess this happened to another American organization recently.

As my sister says, we live in a fallen world.

If you want to see those particular posts, email me at

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  1. Life sometimes fills me with righteous indignation! Is there any way you could tip off the right people anonymously and expose what is going on? My heart just breaks for those precious little love-starved babies and their needs. And to know that what they need is pretty much right at their fingertips but they can't have it...
    Bless you for loving up on them, feeling their pain,and championing their cause.