Monday, February 06, 2012

Jamaica Trip 1: Amos's Genes at PDX

Jenny is officially her Grandpa Yoder's descendant.

We're at the Alaska Airlines gate in PDX. We got here early because Paul wanted to see about buying a used stretch wrapper, so we did that first and got to the airport well ahead of time.

A while back they announced that there's a flight leaving for Seattle, and there's room for more if any of us are scheduled on a later flight and would like to go now. So Jenny and I went up to the counter and asked if we qualified.

We had checked luggage, so we couldn't. But just as I was turning away, Jenny leaned forward and said to the blonde Alaska lady, "Um, I have a question. Most people, when they have braces, their rubber bands go up and down. But yours go slanty across the front. Why is that?"

Gah. Should I apologize for my nosy daughter or what?

The lady laughed. It's because I have my father's jaw on top and my mother's jaw on the bottom, [she pulled it exaggeratedly to the left] and my teeth in between."

Jenny said, "Thank you. I wondered."

We went back to our seats. Those of you who know Amos Yoder, you know why I thought, yep, she's her grandpa's granddaughter.

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  1. I love Jenny's inquisitiveness! She is my type of girl.

    Too many of us Mennonites work so hard to be so proper we fail to live and let go and laugh! Sandra