Monday, October 01, 2012

Help Wanted: Blog Tour Hosts

[Note--Many thanks to the bloggers who volunteered to help with this.  I think I have enough although I would have a hard time saying no to any more who show up.  I'll leave the post up in case any "tour hosts" want to check back on the rules.  Or if any of you have ideas on how it could be done differently/better.]

I have a new book coming out.  (The Lord Willing, I should add, since the files have gotten lost twice, once for me and once for the graphic designer.  I wouldn't think this book is of such importance that Sinister Forces would want to sabotage it, but you never know.)


The title is Tea and Trouble Brewing.

It’s my fourth collection of Register-Guard columns and is at the printer as we speak.  I hope to have the books in hand by the end of October.

This book is similar to the other three in content but is not being published by Good Books.  I’m self-publishing, which I did nine years ago and which is easier now on a number of levels—technology, support available, resources online, etc.

Not to mention a friend-of-a-friend graphic designer who designed the cover and pages, and arranged everything with the printer.

But this aspect remains: if you self-publish, you do your own publicity.

This still isn’t easy for the Amish girl in me, but I think it’ll be much easier than it was nine years ago, with being better known locally and with the internet to help me spread the word.

I also have people in my life like my sisters and Ellen Gerig who are happy to do publicity for me while I keep quiet.  I just love them.

I’d like to try something new this time: a blog tour, starting around the middle of November.

This is how it works:

YOU: have a blog and email me with your generous willingness to get involved.

I: assign you a date to post a review and giveaway.
I: send you three copies of my new book.
I: tell you which day to post your review/giveaway.

YOU: read the book (or enough of it to write a review, which is really only a few chapters).

If you wish:
YOU: email me a few questions about the book or anything else.

I: post the blog tour schedule, with links.

Then on the appointed day,
YOU: post the review/interview/giveaway.

And then
YOU: decide how to select a winner and mail them a book.
YOU: give away the third copy that I sent you to someone you know who needs encouragement.  We’ll do this instead of the annual Christmas book giveaway.

And then
I: thank God for people like YOU who are helpful and generous.
Here’s my email:

You can also email me any suggestions you have, since this is my first experience with arranging a blog tour.


  1. So excited to hear about the new book! I'm really looking forward to reading it!!!!!


  3. I identify with feeling like a shy, Amish girl and not wanting to do my own publicity. I AM grateful tho, for the way you nudged me to self-publish. Thanks!

  4. I would love to give this a shot. I've never done a true-blue book review before...but I do have my own blog. Treasured Up and Pondered.
    I will email you.