Thursday, October 25, 2012

New Book

My first boxful of books arrived today.

The title is Tea and Trouble Brewing, and it contains 34 of my Register-Guard columns/essays plus a few simple recipes, since we had four blank pages to fill.

This one is dedicated to my fine daughter Amy.  So, yes, I have to keep writing books until each of the children has one dedicated to them.

To order:
You can mail me a check for $15 per book, which includes postage.  My address is:
31148 Substation Drive
Harrisburg, OR 97446

Huge thanks to everyone who helped and encouraged me through the whole process.

There will be a blog tour coming soon.  It's a first for me--I think it'll be fun.

If you want to order my previous books--
They are $10 each plus $2 postage if you can't drop by to pick them up.
Ordinary Days
Upstairs the Peasants are Revolting
Downstairs the Queen is Knitting

Get a set of all four books for $40 which INCLUDES postage. [U.S. customers only.]
$35 for local folks.

I'm hoping to have the book up on Amazon soon.  If you want it at your local bookstore, you can tell them to contact me.

Until then, the best way is to mail me a check with a note telling me what you want.


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  1. Congratulations!-PC in VA

    PS My sister told me she's on your tour. Ill have to check again what day. :)