Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Sunday Comics and Me

I like reading the comics.

Granted, I don't follow LuAnn's shallow teenaged dilemmas all that closely, and I long ago got tired of Rex Morgan taking days and days' worth of comics to move the story along a few inches, but I love how so many other comics reflect life so accurately.

Plus I like stories with pictures.

If you are from the generation of Christians that thought comics were evil, and who ripped up the comic page before it ever came in the front door, I would prefer not to offend, so maybe you'll be happier if you move along now. 

Last Sunday I started reading the comics--all oversized and colorful like they are on Sundays--and I laughed and laughed. They all seemed to be just like us.

I'll share a few of them.

What is it with children, work, and excuses?  I'm sure I was just like this, and so were most of my children.

And I am not condoning cussing, or substitutes thereof, but this also reminds me of how Matt, when he was young and upset, would holler, "Saturn, star, asterisk, mosquito coil, exclamation mark!"

This one also reminded me of Matt, and all the animals he collected and wanted to collect.  Among them, oddly enough, was that exact species: a Madagascar hissing cockroach.  You can read that story in Ordinary Days.

I also know the author of Stone Soup which makes me extra fond of the strip.

Pickles made me laugh because back when Mom and Dad were still in their house and could sort of communicate on the phone, calls home were exactly like this.  [Except Dad never called me Sweetie of course.]  That generation never learned to chat about nothing on the phone--or that's my theory.

And I wasn't that terribly amused by Zits, but Ben read it and howled and laughed long and loud.  "It's like Steven!!" he gasped.  "And his attempt at a moustache!  Ha ha ha ha ha HAAAAHHHH!!"

For some reason, Steven was not amused.

And speaking of kids and work:
Quote of the Day:
Me: I hope you guys listen to the Holy Spirit better than you listen to me!
Ben: Yeah, well, the Holy Spirit doesn't tell you to take out the trash and right after that to empty the dishwasher and right after that to put the cat out, so you put the cat out and forget to take out the trash.


  1. I LOVE this post!!! Thanks for adding some humor to the day!

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  3. Too funny! All of it, but especially the quote of the day :) One never knows how the Holy Spirit might talk to one now does one? :D

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  5. I guess I'm with Opal and Earl. I still haven't learned how to chat about nothing! Sometimes I wish I knew the art of it!

  6. Love it!!! Thanks for brightening my day.

  7. Hahahaha! When I call my parents they just keep saying, 'uh huh' because neither one of them can hear. I have no idea what they think I said or they tell others I said. It is crazy!

  8. I thank you for sharing most of my favorite comics! My online "free delivery" expired and now I have to go looking for the comics instead of having them in my inbox. I also read "Rose is Rose" I no longer get the paper delivered, it was extra clutter and I'm not at school on a regular basis to read it when delivered so I miss the comics, and the SUDOKU but not anything else except Bob Welch. I'm so glad I subscribe to you blog so I don't miss your column!

  9. Oh, the comics are my favorite part of the paper! Much more of life in those than in the "news." My kids are just getting old enough to find some comics funny - and it's hilarious when they are trying to figure out some jokes and they think they get it. . .

  10. Thank you thank you for reminding me that my children are perfectly normal.