Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Steven's Coat

Our newest son, Steven, has now officially proven himself to be a True Smucker Guy: he lost his coat. Last November, preparing for his arrival with love and anticipation, I bought a perfect-for-Oregon semi-waterproof warmly-lined jacket. He first wore it home from the airport when he arrived on Christmas Eve and almost every day since.

Then one chilly evening last week Steven, Ben, and I went on a walk. Halfway to Leroy and Anita's, I noticed Steven didn't have a coat and was bouncing along in a short-sleeved shirt. Odd. So I asked him about it. Um, well, heh heh, he doesn't know where his coat is.

Both Ben and Matt were/are famous for misplacing their coats, especially for wearing a coat to school in the morning and forgetting to bring it home. At one point Matt did this with every coat, jacket, parka, and sweatshirt that he owned until he had nothing left and had to go to school in a dreadful old green furry jacket that had been Aunt Rosie's and that I kept in reserve for really dirty jobs. That day, as I recall, Aunt Barb sent him home from school with all 8 coats that he had accumulated there.

So while I was annoyed with Steven for losing his new coat, it was also nice to know he fits right in with his brothers. And after a few weeks we found his coat in the back seat of the van.

Quote of the Day:
"Shaving your legs is like peeling a carrot."
--anonymous teenager instructing her sister in the feminine arts


  1. I am forever more leaving coats, jackets etc. at work. Which ncludes tractor seats, milk house, skidloader, pickup, and any other place that is convenient at the time. Maybe this is a male only problem and is a direct result of the fall of man. I doubt it but hey, we need something to blame it on.

  2. I used to do that with my lunch boxes! My mom got perturbed with me and ended up giving me my school lunches in garbage bags.

  3. OUCH! Ouch! ouch! Remind that teenager that when you peel a carrot, you are taking the skin off! I hope her younger sister doesn't get the wrong impression about shaving. :)

    -Naomi, wife of Paul

    P.S. I love, absolutely love, your "Quote of the Day." I read your blog nearly every day to see if there have been any posts, new comments, etc. I really enjoy your perspectives, and I always feel refreshed and happy when I'm through. May God reward you for your efforts in writing! Blessings!

  4. Ok, so my children aren't the only ones. That's a comfort.
    (btw, Glen, did you say you came west 15 years ago? Haying? Harvesting?)
    Naomi, I gasped or screamed or something when I heard that quote the first time. OUCH is right.

  5. I don't remember the furry green jacket. Glad Matt got some use (and perhaps some constructive humiliation) out of it.

    Peeling a carrot? Mowing the grass, logging a forest...


    P.S. I just caught up on reading all your posts. It's almost making me want to start a blog myself. Life changes, you know. My new baby (first child) slept from 11:00 last night till 6:00 this morning. After such a good nights sleep, I just had to stay up while my husband snoozes. Like I said, life changes.

  6. Peeling a Carrot? Uh not good!

  7. How amusing to see in yesterday's church bulletin that Jenny has lost her coat--shortly after you blogged about it being a Smucker GUY trait! :-)


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