Saturday, January 21, 2006

Meds from Canada

Some time ago I mentioned that I was considering buying Qvar inhalers from Canada. I went hunting on the internet and found a pharmacy in Winnipeg that sounded reliable, and two days ago my order came in the mail.

(I use 4 doses a day)
Harrisburg Pharmacy--100 doses--$64
Canada Pharmacy—600 doses--$100.50

Now I am all for supporting a small-town pharmacy, and I will continue to buy Steven’s pre-dentist antibiotics in Harrisburg, but for these numbers, I’ll buy my Qvar in Canada.

Quote of the Day:
"It’s just a total crop failure this year."
--a guy at a Mennonite Bible school, referring to the girls, to his cousin who told his mom who told me


  1. Be very, very wary about buying meds online from "Canada". There's tons and tons of counterfeits out there that will have absolutely no effect and may even be harmful. Be sure it is a reputable source.

  2. btw, a good tip-off that they are fakes is if your meds from "Canada" inexplicably have a Hong Kong postmark.

  3. As for your guy at Bible school and his crop failure, maybe he should have first studied the verses "You sow what you reap" and "You reap sparingly, you sow sparingly..."
    Or maybe he's is trying to harvest wheat when it's actually strawberry season...

  4. When my folks were living in the States and came visiting here (Canada), they quite often included a trip to a Canadian doctor and pharmacy.

    BTW, are you exercising your rights as Canadian to vote in tomorrow's federal election? (You did know there was an election, right?)

  5. Well, Steve, let's just say that I know that Paul Martin is prime minister and there are issues over softwoods exports and there's been lots of scandal in the government.

  6. Ahhh! A politician in the making. You’ve avoided my questions completely. :)

  7. Steve, sorry, I would make a terrible politician. Ok, I admit, I didn't know the election was that particular day and I didn't vote. But I have been following things rather closely since and find it quite intriguing that Stephen Harper is the new PM. I remember the election in 1993 when the Conservatives were down to two seats.