Sunday, January 15, 2006


My January column is available at, look under Oregon Life or do a search for Letter from Harrisburg. It looks like they might make you wade through a registration process. Sorry.

And Amy has a new update from the Emirates/Oman. Here's my favorite sentence:

I’m standing under the "23" sign, and these people start coming up to me and stuff, and they’re all taller than me, and most of them are like, seriously towering over me. I introduced myself to this one girl, and she’s like "You’re Amy???" and looked at me like "you look way too young/small to be our group leader."

Quote of the Day:
"Mom, if you heated a can of pop in the microwave, would it explode?"


  1. Jenny: Actually, you would have some pretty dramatic sparking and your microwave would fry before the can of pop would explode.

    However, something fun to do in the microwave is this: Cut a grape in half leaving the two halves connected only by a teensy bit of skin. Put that in the microwave and run it. *grin* It's perfectly safe.

  2. Addendum to Jenny: The can of pop would eventually explode if it weren't for the sparking that would kill the microwave long before enough pressure builds up for the explosion.

  3. Is Jenny related to Matt, by any chance? Pauline

  4. Yeah, Pauline, I think they share just a few genes...or else he taught her well.

  5. Absolutely loved your monthly column. Thank you for the gentle reminder that its okay to let go in a relationship that seems intensly painful and let the Saviour take control. Blessings on you, Dorcas