Friday, January 06, 2006


My good friend Ilva called me the other day and in addition to listening to me rattle on about my life for half an hour, she asked if there's any way to get Life In The Shoe posts in her email inbox so she doesn't always have to go check my site.

I didn't know.

So I emailed Hans Mast whom I do not know in person but I do know he is helpful and knows a lot, plus I take a few liberties because his grandpa was a friend of my dad. He directed me to, where I cautiously signed in and entered my URL and other private information with all the tentative fear of my 80-something parents using an ATM.

After a while a boxful of gibberish appeared and I was told to cut and paste this "anywhere on your site."

Now come on. When I go crawling into the attics and basements of my site there are so many options and obscure possibilities ("Formatting" "Templates" "Edit Html") that I didn't have "the least idea which way to turn," like Peter Rabbit in Mr. McGregor's garden.

So I did what I always do: hollered for Matt. Matt has nerve endings in the computer that send messages through the mouse, up his arm, and right into his brain. And he never makes me feel stupid when he helps me.

But Matt is at Bible School. I emailed him all the information I had. "It's a little hard to work on your blog from 2500 miles away," he wrote.

Nevertheless, he worked his usual magic and now, down on the very bottom of my blog, you can sign up to get Life in the Shoe posts in your inbox.

What would I do without people like Ilva, Hans, Matt, and so many others who are 'there' for me at the right time? Thanks, all of you.

Quote of the Day:
Emily: Jenny, tell me a story.
Jenny: Once upon a time they lived happily ever after.
Emily: Who lived happily ever after?
Jenny: Madge and Guy, cuz they were married.
Emily: Were they in love with each other?
Jenny: No, cuz they were already married.


  1. Come on Jenny! You had better change your mind before you get married! Guess you have awhile yet! Pauline

  2. Feel free to ask questions any time.

  3. Another Gem for God's Crown

    Today God Saw fit to take another of His gems home. We received word this afternoon that Krystal Yoder, wife of Val Yoder, was ushered into the presence of her beloved Savior.

    She has had a long battle with her heart and today it gave out on her while attending a wedding in Lancaster Pennsylvania. Her brother who is a medical doctor was there with her and said that she could not have been revived even if she had been at the best hospital. It was her time to go.

    Please pray for their family! Their oldest son is in Thailand doing prep work for the whole family to move there next year. This also happened at the same time that Val was attending a meeting to plan the development of a Bible school for Asians in Thailand. Pray for the family’s strength in all of this!!

  4. Thanks to Ilva for initiating this subscription thing, and thanks to you for persevering until you saw it through to completion, with the help of the young, male brains! Do you know how often I checked while you were away? Finally despairing that you would ever come home! Aside from my daughter's, it really is my favorite blogsite. Happy New Year!