Tuesday, March 07, 2006


I love to laugh. And I really like it when something happens that makes me laugh, and no one is hurt in the process. And I really really treasure people who make me laugh.

Two such incidents on Sunday:
1--We were down at Winston (90 minutes south) on Sunday, and Paul preached at the little Mennonite church there, and then we went and helped them sing at the Alzheimer's care center. After we sang the nice lady served us cups of cold water that we badly needed, and then suddenly there was this loud BUZZZZZZZZ (we looked around) ZZZZZZZZZ (that came from the door) ZZZZZZZ (where Steven was standing) ZZZZZZZZ (looking guilty) ZZZZZZZZ (and then the nice lady came and pushed a few buttons on the keypad and the noise stopped; Steven hadn't tried to open the door--he just happened to lean against the handle and wondered what on earth he had done.) It was funny.

That evening Matt had his friends over at our house to play Lord of the Rings Risk and at about 11:30 at night I heard an ominous THUMPthumpthumpthump and a sound like a thousand glasses breaking.....well, why don't you read the whole story for yourself here.

What a wonderful, gut-deep, rattle-the-bones laugh that was.

Quote of the Day:
"Sun-bathing Spring Birds"
--my brother-in-law, referring to a popular ice cream store. See how smart you are, class. Figure it out.


  1. It took me a minute to figure the icecream store quote out, but then it gave ME a laugh... so thanks!

  2. I actually figured the ice cream riddle out!! I am shocked at myself.

  3. I hope Steven wasn't traumatized by his accidently setting off the buzzer! When I read it, it took me back immediately to when I was a small child and we went to an old folks' home to visit an elderly relative. I innocently pushed a buzzer, which set off bells and brought a nurse running. I was scolded, and was guilt-ridden for a long time afterwards!

  4. We all assured Steven that it was an accident and nothing to stress about.

  5. Now that's some funny stuff!I like the blog about the Risk game incident.
    We went to sing at the nursing home last sunday and there was one this one lady who said, "Happy Holidays!" every time somone shook her hand.
    It made my day.

  6. OH! DUH. I just figured out the quote of the day. LOL, that's pretty good.