Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Guest Post

Today something cool happened and Jenny posted about it on Peptipus, the xanga blog that she and Emily have together, only you probably can't read it because she has Friends Lock for safety's sake. But I thought it was cool enough that I will cut and paste it here:

Horses and Wagons

Today Mom came home from dropping off Lisa when my mom told me that a wagon and a team of horses were coming.I waited for a while, but they didn,t come.So Mom took me to see it.Here is some pictures of the horses .

Now here's the surprise. The lady driving the wagon asked me if I wanted to have a ride! Of course I accepted the offer. She said I could drive so Mom could get a picture of me driving. Here it is.

(Note from Mom: Jenny was truly driving, but in this picture the horses didn't want to stop so Mrs. Rediger grabbed the reins.)


  1. Why would you have horses like that coming down your road? I found that intriguing (umm... how do you spell that word...)

  2. I sure make some of the most interesting connections through your blog! The other day someone I went to music camp with found my blog through yours.

  3. Beautiful team of horses and wonderful experience for a young lady to have!!

  4. to anon--Mrs.Rediger had taken her team of horses to her nieces school and took her and all her classmates on a ride as a surprise for her nieces' birthday!! How fun for Jenny to have ride--those horses are awesome!!

  5. celeste rose3/25/2008 10:04 AM

    About grief and loss. It feels like I am on a boat of life. The person who dies gets off the boat. For a while I see them recedeing into the distance. She stays there, as a part of my life goes on without her. Sometimes now,her birthday goes by without me marking it.Other times it hits me, at the bank or wherever. And I cry fresh tears. Love Celeste R.