Saturday, October 17, 2009

Getting to Emily's

So it seemed like a good idea to go visit Emily. And to try going to Colorado Springs so I wouldn’t have that long drive from and back to Denver.

I found a nice cheap ticket. It had a strange route, Portland-Minneapolis-Denver, which is kind of like going to Missouri by way of New York, but oh well.

Paul took me to the airport, a rare treat, because usually I drive myself up and park in the long-term lot.

I flew to Minneapolis, which is only two hours from my parents’ place. I texted my brother Marcus to tell him I was kind of in the area. “So close, yet so far away,” he sent back.

Our flight to Colorado Springs was delayed 45 minutes. Then we got on the plane and were soon told there wasn’t enough visibility in the Springs so our flight was rescheduled for the next morning. But, we were assured, we could breeze through security the next morning with our original boarding passes. No need to go back to the Delta counter.

I caught a shuttle to a hotel. It was very nice but I didn’t get much sleep.

The next morning half a dozen of us, all in the same situation, were together in the security line when the stern security guy said no, we absolutely cannot get through on last night’s boarding passes. We all trooped back to Delta. Some bad words were heard. The new boarding passes were procured.

Through security, down to the gate, and yes! The flight would be on time. We got on and settled in.

Oops. Visibility was down to a quarter mile in Colorado Springs. We all had to get off the plane again.

45 minutes later we got back on, as things were clearing in Colorado Springs.

An announcement--"I wish I were making this up, but our computers indicate mechanical problems. We'll need to wait for a technician."

I slept for an hour.

Finally we took off.

The guy next to me talked the entire flight. I did the nice womanly thing of nodding and smiling. I didn't try to talk because he was hard of hearing and people can never hear me on planes anyway.

I got to Colorado and picked up the car that had been left for me, the one with the big blue ribbon on the antenna.

Finally I got to Canon City. Emily said,

Quote of the Day:
"It would have been quicker to drive."


  1. Air travel ain't what it used to be, eh?!

  2. so...I'm curious: what about the car with the big blue ribbon? You mean it didn't suit them to pick you up at that time so they left a car for you to drive?

    good story :-)

  3. Sharon--someone was visiting in the area and leaving the day I was supposed to arrive, so she drove up and parked the car and tied a big blue ribbon on to identify it. And I was told where it was parked and where the key was.