Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Whiny Post

I know the drill already, ok? So you don't need to tell me. "They're just boys." "It's only things. Be glad it's not their necks." "Oh, well, this too shall pass" (my MIL) "Oh Mom." (Amy) "Someday you'll miss this stage." "It sounds like they need to learn responsibility and self-discipline. [pointed look.]

But I will say it anyway: I am tired of things breaking.

The problem is that my boys have the size and strength of grown men with the exuberance of little boys.

So just in the last week--let's see--one of them was mopping with my nice Mary Moppins mop and somehow--do we want to know how? No.--bent the handle in half and of course ruined it.

Then another guy knocked the kitchen phone off the counter and now, no matter which phone you plug into the outlet or if you put that DSL filter in or out--and believe me I spent 20 minutes fiddling with this--there's a shrieky little beep every 3 seconds when you're trying to talk.

Then last night I was at the sink washing the grapes from my neighbor lady (thank you, Anita) with my back to the rest of the kitchen while the boys were supposed to be clearing the table and loading the dishwasher. There was an obscene crash and my nice big garage-sale-bargain Le Creuset skillet that I was so proud of was on the floor with the handle broken off.

The story was a bit sketchy but apparently Boy A, over by the table, was tossing dishes to Boy B, over by the dishwasher, and a one-base overthrow made Boy B lunge sideways and knock the skillet off the counter. Or something.

I was very unhappy.

Boy B saved his hide by saying the right thing--"I'm sorry, Mom. I'll get you a new one." Not realizing, I'm sure, how much new ones cost.

Boy A said the very very wrong thing. See QOTD below.

After I calmed down I told them that they both mean more to me than many skillets. However. Some things are precious to me because they represent time and work and money, plus I like them and use them, and it is a real bother to forever be fixing or replacing this stuff. Or something like that. I'm more coherent now than I was then.

And yes, I know very well that if one of them broke his neck I'd give all I had to have them toss dishes across the kitchen one more time. I know that. But right now, I'm in the mood for sympathy, not solutions.

Quote of the Day:
"Mom, I really think you're overreacting a little."


  1. Thank you for this post. Oh my goodness. Some REAL to relate to. I love, love, love my boys. Too. But. The damage that follows them around...that I could do without.
    Applause for your honesty. Empathy because I am so totally there.

  2. I am SO e-mailing this post to my Mom. Her boys are all grown and gone, but she's still scarred from all their shenanigans! :)

    I hope whoever uttered the QOTD learned very quickly that that is the WRONG thing to say...EVER!

  3. Oh, Dorcas!! Thanks sooo much for the good laugh! I know! That's pro. not what you meant to do, but I could just picture it. =) I have 1 son (10) and 5 girls... can NOT imagine having 2 or 3 of him running around! The ? times I've heard him say, " I DIDN'T MEAN TO!!!" could fill a book!!

  4. Thanks for reassuring me that it's not just mine! However, he's only 7 so, whatever "unthanks" is for the reminder that I have quite a few more years left of this!

  5. You have my sympathy!! I have three boys ages 3-9 (and a little girl who is trying hard to keep up with them all!) I shudder to think of what all will be broken in our house in the net 15 years. :-/

    May God give us all grace and strength! I'm rootin' for you. (And, please let/make them replace the frying pan!)

  6. My deepest sympathies knowing that I will be in need of the same in a very few short years.

  7. You're scaring me! Does this mean it's going to get worse as they get older and stronger?!

  8. Is the handle weldable until a new one arrives? (Now I'm sounding like a problem-solving male.) This question is dripping with sympathy: Have you read the book "Have a Good Kid by Friday"?

  9. I know the feelings. I had only one daughter among a flock of boys. Two of my boys will never break another thing. Guaranteed. I visited their graves this week. Be thankful yours are alive and well.

  10. My son's favorite saying after breaking something or while I was getting him a BandAid.

    'Mom I was just trying to have fun'!

    He will be 20 next week.

  11. I am getting to that place FAST with 4 boys between 6-12. You have my sympathies!! We are in the "jumping at EVERY door opening/or light fixture" stage.

  12. I feel your pain!

  13. Oh, Dorcas! I am still smiling simply because I can relate. I have 6 boys and 3 girls, and since they are all grown up now little stories keep coming to the surface about things I never knew about. But in defense of boys, I grew up in a family of seven girls and 1 boy. My mother would testify that girls are much worse than boys in that area!!

  14. Over reacting a little? Find out who does the over reacting when you suggest that he uses his money to replace the skillet. I think a lesson in respect for anothers property would be taught.

  15. You have my sympathy.

    Glad it was you and not me that day...~said with a smile hidden behind my hand so you don't see it.~

    And...I'm sorry about the mop and skillet.

  16. Have my own 16 & 14 year old. "What were you thinking?!" and over-reacting are our status quo. I salute you!

  17. That would be very upsetting!!!

  18. From this post and the ensuing comments, we can deduct that disclaimers mean nothing to some people. :D

    BTW, your heart did me a world of good. I'm up to my heart in the same kind of thing w/ preschool/baby boys, and I understand the need for the occasional whine. It was really nice to hear this from someone your age.

  19. correction: "btw your POST..."