Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Mom spent the night in the hospital after her "bad heart spell" yesterday. The doctor is puzzled because the tests indicated, he says, that she didn't actually have a heart attack and in fact her heart looks like an 18-year-old's. So what in the world gave her such chest pain that she blacked out? Tomorrow she sees a cardiologist for a stress test.

Mom refused a wheelchair this morning and walked to the car on her own steam. Let's all be like her when we're 89.


  1. So sorry about your mom! Hope they find some answers soon. My dad ended up in the hospital March of this year being short of breath. Tests showed his arteries were as clear as a 20 year old's. It's a weak muscle. Although he needs to watch how much he does, he's not sitting around doing nothing. Actually, not a bad record for him. His hospital stay was the first in his life--76 years old.

    Lots of feelings involved when your parents face physical decline. God be with you as face this stage of life.

    Catharine in OH

  2. Mom said she was all but jumping out of that bed this morning to go home. Yes it makes no sence on the medical end of things but I guess a few bodliy malfunctions at age 89 are not entirely abnormal!

  3. gMy mother went to the hospital several times for a heart attack, but it was not......turned out to be acid reflux. It caused the same heavy pain. It think they call it GERD. She was also about the same age as your mother at the time. It's scary for them for sure.