Thursday, February 07, 2013

More Wedding Pictures. And Ben

The "guest book"-- stones with names.

This was an unusual young couple: they wrote each other over 200 pen-and-ink letters.
Many of us knew them as the "Schnupp Girls." From left, Judy, Mary, Carolyn [Esta's mom], Sharon, Kathy
Here Brendon and Ruby showed Justin that romance can continue even if you've been married a long time and have two children.

Ben works at an intriguing little restaurant called Tea And Bannock that serves Native American food.  This is from the kitchen looking out, with Ben checking to see why Paul and I could walk right in when it was supposed to be locked.  Ben and two friends live in the apartment upstairs.

Ben loves a good bargain and was happy to find a little Chinese store with cheap clothes, so he bought that shirt for $6.  He also bought a belt, which turned out not to have any holes in it.  So he proceeded to pound holes in it with a nail and a mallet, which didn't have the hardware for pulling the nail back out.  Here's he's posing for my sake, which is why his left hand isn't on the belt.

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