Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Wandering To and Fro

In the 40-day stretch from Christmas to February 2nd, I was home for 17 days.  So I am hoping to stay put for a while.

Well, except for the church ladies' retreat this weekend--can't miss that.

This last trip took us to Toronto, where our young friends Justin and Esta, were getting married, and also where Ben is putting in a year of voluntary service in a small mission led by Esta's parents.

Paul, Emily, and I flew to Buffalo, New York, and drove to Toronto from there.  None of us had ever been in that part of Ontario before.  Ontario is an enormous province, and we were some 2000 km, says Google Maps, from where we'd lived years ago, in Weagamow Lake, way up north.

Matt came by bus from Washington, D.C.  Amy was planning to be there too, but then the young couple who was going to give her a ride slid off the icy roads and totaled their car.  Thankfully no one was badly hurt but that was the end of Amy's plans.

We missed her a lot.

 The wedding and the weekend were wonderful.
I've learned to travel with the refinements of life.

I love behind-the-scenes photos.  Here we have the relaxed bride sipping tea on her almost-husband's lap, with her brother beside her.  The cousin and little brother play chess, the bridesmaid waits by the window, and other wedding people chill on the couch in the foreground.

Ben (usher), Matt (groomsman), Emily (honorary bridesmaid), Paul and me (hororary couple)
Paul and I with Justin and Esta
Ben and his friend Eric were very capable ushers    
The decor was very Northern and creative.
Who but Esta would think to put snow and drinks in a canoe?

The bouquet toss in the cold.

It was a very happy occasion.


  1. Glad you enjoyed yourself in the large province of Ontario! I am curious though, what part of Toronto you were. We live an hour or so away and I hadn't realized that there was a group of believers there.

  2. I love that guestbook idea! Very unique.

  3. Mrs. L--Tea and Bannock is not far from the financial district. 1292 Gerrard I believe.

  4. Oops, that^^ was from me.