Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Pictures of the Shower

Yesterday I posted the Letter from Harrisburg about the bridal shower at Rosie's.  Here are photos of the event.  If you really want to know who was who, I list the real names here but changed a few of them to something kind-of-similar for the newspaper.

I have wonderful in-laws and I am grateful for them.

The brides!  Kayla on the left is engaged to marry Justin, who is a brother to Stephie on the right, who is engaged to Chris from Ohio.  Lisa in the center is Stephie's cousin and engaged to the amazing!! Kelly from Michigan.

Emily, Jessi, Isabella, JoNell, Anita, Bonnie[hidden], Shelley, and me

JoNell & Izzy, Shelley standing, Anita, Bonnie with Jada, Jenny with Amanda, Allison, Laura.  Bonnie, Laura, and I are married to brothers.
Anne, Orpha, and Trish on the couch, with Aubrey behind.

Getting ready to sing: Cassie's doll dressed for the occasion, Aunt Allene, Lois and her daughter Lisa, Rosie, Anne the Grandma and Rita [Kayla's mom]
Rosie handing a hymnal to her daughters, Cara and Cassie.  Jenny is holding Laura's little Amanda.  Anita, on the right, was invited as an honorary Smucker.
The brides.
The yummy food: Rosie, Lisa, Kayla, Jessi with Jada, Emily, Jenny, Allison

Picking delicacies to dip in chocolate requires deep concentration for most people, but Kayla finds it amusing.
Lisa and Emily have dramatic hands.
Simone, Dolly, Allene, and Lois, all truth-speaking Smucker women.
Gifts, ladies, and hymnals.
Allison and Jenny, already planning to be each other's bridesmaids.  But they plan to have lots of adventures before that day comes.


  1. Dorcas, I just can't tell you how much I enjoyed this picture gallery and the story behind it that you posted yesterday! I lingered over both posts a long time and almost felt that I had been a guest at the shower, too. What a delightful family celebration, and there's more on the horizon with the weddings yet to occur. I loved the way those wedding dresses from days gone by were showcased; and your stories made me laugh. The sharp contrast you made of the blustery, wet weather outside with the fellowship and warmth inside stood out to me. Thank you for your part in all of the planning, picture taking, and for sharing the fun with the rest of us. May God bless and favor all three of these brides.

  2. All I can say is I was sure Kayla looked like a Baker, but I couldn't believe when you said her mom was Rita??!! Either she's really young or I'm gettin old ... :)