Sunday, April 06, 2014

Stuff Going On

I used to have Google ads on my blog.  The rule was that you could Not click on them just to rack up your numbers, so I scrupulously obeyed.

Despite that, while we were in Thailand in June of 2012, I got a notice from Google that they were cutting off my ads because of fraudulent click activity.

I was going to appeal it after I came home but I never did.

Just recently Emily saw my statistics and said, "You have to have ads, as many hits as you're getting."  She helped me go to the right page to make an appeal to Google.

I wrote up a touching but very true appeal, assuring them that I have no idea how or why there was fraudulent clicking on my site because with my sensitive conscience I was terribly careful.

I just heard back from them.  They are not granting my request.  And I am out of appeals and it will do no good to contact them.

Which of course makes me think I HAVE to have ads on my site, since I can't.

What do I do, oh techie friends and sons??

*     *     *
In other news, Paul's niece, Lisa Birky, got married to a fine young lumberjack named Kelvin Sadlier yesterday. It was a very happy occasion.  Kelly slept here the week prior to his wedding so we got to know him a bit better.

*     *     *
I have been teaching a writing class to Jenny and her classmates.  I love seeing what these kids come up with, and I am always surprised.

"Ashley" by Jenny

Ashley's like a skunk
That doesn't have its stinker.
She'd rather sit, than talk to folks
And ponder on her thinker.

"Jenny" by Janane

Jenny is like a diary
She knows more than most,
She knows most of the news
but tries not to boast.

"Caleb" by Trenton

Caleb is nice
And he likes Mexican rice.
He doesn't have lice
but he has pet mice.

"Mikayla" by Deana

Mikayla is sweet.
She keeps her desk neat.
She doesn't usually get done
But she still has fun.

"Mrs. Smucker" by Deana

Mrs. Smucker is a teacher
And a good one she may be
And I like her even better
When she gives me an A instead of a C.

Quote of the Day:
"If there's no drama in 'Jewel's' life, I don't think she considers it LIFE."

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