Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Another Shriek

I've been very frustrated in my battle with the mice because I set traps all over and they never snap. I finally figured out that it's because the mice are actually shrews that are too little and light to snap the trap. So I had Amy buy me some sticky traps in town. These are like little black plastic trays with what looks like Karo syrup in them. The mice get stuck and can't get away. So I was told.

Last night Jenny saw a mouse out by the freezers so I had her set a sticky trap there. This morning I went out and there were three shrews and one mouse all stuck there in one tray. I screamed of course and the mouse made a feeble shuddering effort to move. It. was. horrible.

But now they are all dead and another trap is waiting there. No, we didn't try to pull the mice off and reuse the trap.

If you are a horrified PETA person, please don't chew me out until you've lived in this house for ten years.


  1. Oh I have such empathy for you and your mice tale of horrors! I've seen more mice since we moved here then ever before in my life :(
    Hoping your mice population stays under control. BTW--you are much braver then I; my DH has to
    remove the mice and set the traps. He is an expert at both fortunately.

  2. Oooh. Sticky traps are so awful. I occasionally get mice running around the dropped ceiling in my bedroom. Normally I just set normal traps and it's all good (for me, anyway), but once I had some stubborn mice. After being kept awake by them running around overhead for hours, I made a trip to Lowes for some sticky traps, and I left the normal snap traps up there. That night, I caught my mouse. I caught it by the back legs in the snap trap, then in the midst of it dragging itself around with the trap, it stumbled firmly into the sticky trap, and kept me more awake with it's squeaks than it had with it's running around. Since then I decided I wouldn't use a sticky trap again in the ceiling, but I can see its usefulness in your case.

  3. I truly sympathize! But since we have been putting mouse poison under the house, we haven't seen any mice in here. ( We did have a shrew, tho!) I was afraid that with poison under the house, we might get some dead mouse smell, but so far we haven't, and it's been over a year. Pauline

  4. I hate 'em, I hate 'em! Glue traps are awful, but you do what you gotta do. It's me or the mice, I always say to my husband, but I've never moved out yet, and we aren't completely rid of the mice either!

  5. When I got tired of scrubbing my silverware drawer out every day I got serious about mouse extermination. Also I read that mice have no bladders and that explaines the awful smell.

  6. I so hate mice! We had one in our van once that kept stealing the bait from the trap. Finally, we put the trap in a fast food bag and got the bugger.

  7. my 12 year old son felt sorry for a mouse caught on a glue trap, pulled it off and left it go (in the house) soon we had a mouse day care going on. this mom was not happy!!