Thursday, February 11, 2010


Two years ago our friends Dennis and Arlene got a 2-day-old foster baby. They hadn't asked for another foster child, as their hands were full with their four older children. But how could they say no? So they took in "Sam" and he grew plump and happy in their wild and busy household, and learned to walk and talk, and is in the family pictures.

And then the Children's-Services committee had to decide who should adopt him--Dennis and Arlene, or an uncle in another state who is raising Sam's half-brother? And, I should add, who has never met Sam or made an effort to be involved in his life.

The committee met this morning and decided that Sam should go to the uncle.

We are all devastated, looking on, but Dennis and Arlene's grief isn't to be described.

The idea of Children's Services is to prevent child abuse. What irony.


  1. I get physically ill just hearing about this. I cant imagine the feelings they must be having. That poor baby! He doesnt even know these other people! I try to imagine if this was my baby and my mind just shuts down. I just can't figure out what the state thinks they are doing in cases like this! It just doesn't make sense!

  2. My heart just bleeds for this couple, whom I dont know, but being a foster/adoptive mom, I know all the feelings that are attached to this situation. Please tell them that I will pray for them and may Gods will be done. It is in Gods hands, as hard as it seems. Sometimes I wonder if there are any judges with commonsense, but I do hear of cases where they do have an inkiling of sense in ther head:)...{HUGS} go out to them.-LuAnne

  3. We've had foster children for many years and it seems the system gets worse and worse. Praying for the couple.

  4. If this is the Dennis and Arlene that I think it is, Dennis is my cousin. I am thinking of them and praying for them and send them my sympathy for this HUGE disappointment! It sure doesn't make any sense!

    Maxine in WV