Sunday, April 25, 2010

The JWs and Paul

Guess what happened on Saturday morning while I was off at the ACE junior convention? The JW ladies came again!

And they got to talk to Paul this time. Heh heh.

If I were a JW I'd rather talk to me, that's for sure.

The one-armed lady wasn't there, for once, but the spokeswoman said, "My friend made an appointment* to talk with your wife about the brochure about the Kingdom, but she couldn't make it, so I came instead."

*she did?

Paul: Was it the brochure about Jesus?

Lady: Yes

Paul: Well, that brochure was full of a lot of things that aren't true about Jesus and I think it twisted scripture.

Lady: Oh but we never take scripture out of context.

[Discussion about Jesus and who he was and whether or not he was God and so on]

Paul finally decided the time had come to be a stern protective husband.

Paul: Tell your friend I'm not interested in her coming and giving that kind of literature to my wife. Tell her I'd prefer if she doesn't come back again.

The lady acted like she would comply.

So, is this the end of the story, or not? We will wait and see.

Quote of the Day:
"Jayne Tate loves the city, . . .but when her father dies and she loses out on a big career opportunity, she travels to Harrisburg, Oregon's Amish community, seeking solace, and maybe a story. But even here life is complicated. . .
--CBD review of Plain Jayne by Hillary Manton Lodge. Why do they insist on the name of an actual place if there are no actual Amish there, that's what I wonder. And why Harrisburg, Oregon, of all places?


  1. I'm picturing a big "X" on your residence on the JW's canvassing map. Being left out never looked so good, right?

  2. Dorcas, I haven't read Ms. Lodge's books, but if they are anything like the "plain fiction" I have read.... well, I'm having a hard time finding a polite way to phrase my reaction it.

    Just let this serve as a friendly nudge (pleading, begging!) to get your _authentic_ voice out there on fiction shelves.

  3. hahahaha... amish in harrisburg, oregon... i think they got the wrong side of the united states... :-)

  4. My screen door has a note saying "NO SOLICITORS Religious, Political, or Otherwise." Sadly, the JW's didn't think they were included in that. Now, my sign also says "Including Jehovah's Witnesses" after the "Religious." It seems to have worked now. I'm a homeschooling mom. I don't have time to argue with them about my faith when I'm building a foundation for my children's faith.

  5. Here in our neck of the woods, everyone with certain last names, or any kind of distinctive dress is "Amish". This poor author may have made this mistake!
    I agree with Naomi, most of this "plain fiction" is just too....for words!
    I'm looking forward to reading yours! (nudge, nudge!)

  6. Hi Dorcas! So you saw the CBD line too? I have no idea how/why they included Harrisburg in the write-up, since it's never mentioned in the book or the press materials. The only Harrisburg link in the book is the fact that my best friend and writing mentor are listed in the acknowledgements, and they are residents. It's a mystery!

    Naomi - rest assured, it's very different. You can read the first chapter online to see :-)