Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Saved by a Phone Call

My editor at the Guard was gone on vacation so I had a week's extension on my column, until 9:00 this morning, which was awfully nice since I was gone for over a week.

So of course I did my normal wicked procrastinating and left it for the last minute, but sometime in the next ten years I do want to change this habit.

I decided to write about Bible Memory Camp, and last night I got it pretty much done except I wanted to double check with Kendall some of the stuff he had told me about trucks, since the kid blew me away with his extensive knowledge of semi trucks and everything about them.

So this morning I called Kendall's mom, Sharon, and told her what I needed and we decided I'd talk with Kendall when I dropped our kids off at school, which by the way started today.

Sharon said, "Yes, that kid can tell if it's a Peterbilt or Kenworth or Mack just by the grille when it's coming down the road."

And I said, "I believe it, and I am sooooo glad I called you, because in my column I called it a Kenilworth, and if my editor wouldn't have caught it either, Wayne and every other truck driver I know would have laughed me out of the valley."

It's dangerous for a bookish person to write about trucks.

Quote of the Day:
"Welcome to the No-Fun Zone."
--Ben, in his best Bill O'Reilly voice, when Paul told Steven he'd be sitting between Deana and Shanea


  1. Loved the quote of the day! :)


  2. I cracked up at the quote of the day! =)

    Patti Q

  3. The Baritone9/07/2010 11:41 PM

    That's funny stuff right there. :-)

  4. "It's dangerous for a bookish person to write about trucks." That was a QOD, in my opinion (laughing).

    From one writer to another - I feel your angst about typos that don't get caught and about procrastinating and deadlines.

    I saw a shirt once that said, "Procrastinators of the world, unite - tomorrow!"

    I get that.