Monday, May 09, 2011

Quotes of the Day

"Numi Certified Organic Sweet African Red Green Rooibos Herbal Teasan"
--the little envelope containing the tea bag that Jenny brewed this evening

My brother Marcus clips and saves items from the Budget now and then. The Budget is a nationwide Amish/Mennonite newspaper that, if you're part of the culture, your grandma used to read and you made fun of, but now you sometimes read it on the sly as a guilty pleasure. The Budget has an editor, I'm told, but sometimes things slip through the cracks, and Marcus, as mentioned, clips them. Such as these, with names slightly altered for obvious reasons:

"Announcing a card shower for Miss Amanda Troyer, age 17, of Greenville, Tennessee, who had an appendectomy to relieve her boredom."


"John Martin has moved onto the old Sam Miller property with his new bride, which will need a lot of cleanup both inside and out."

Yesterday we were explaining to Jenny that there really is no way we can keep all six of those kitties plus Cleo the mom. So Jenny was explaining all this to Cleo and I overheard:

"I guess you're wondering why Mom never had to sell any of her babies. . ."

I've had lots of comments over the years on my head covering but none quite like the one from the doctor who came up behind me in the hall of the Paynesville Hospital in Minnesota and announced:

"Well! That's a fancy hat! What's it for?"

My sis Rebecca reports that President Saleh of Yemen, who is habitually dishonest, at least was being honest when he stated publicly:

"Leading Yemen is like dancing on the heads of snakes."

Someone found my blog recently by Googling this:

"Biblical story of the woman who lived in the shoe"

[Wasn't that found in Hezekiah 3?]

And we close with this conversation, typical in its respective logic and verbiage:

Emily: "Did you read about this local TV station in Arizona or wherever that adopted a cat? And it'll just walk across the desk in the middle of a broadcast. I think the big networks should try that, just to be more personable."
Ben: "I don't think it would really work for the Food Network."


  1. Ah, yes, Hezekiah. One of my favorite books. :)

  2. Thanks for the morning laugh. Love those quotes.
    Sarah S.

  3. The mom-selling-her-babies quote was my favorite! It reminded me of what one of our daughters (when she was a pre-teen) said when her pet dog had gotten run over and mangled but didn't quite die and her father put him out of his misery. "Would you shoot me if I was hurt badly?"

  4. Lots of good laughs there!!

  5. The hat scene reminded me of when a doctor asked me about my covering: "What's the significance of your black veil? (I'm familiar with the Mennonite sieve-type head covering)". :) -PC in VA

  6. My Dad loves making fun of the Budget. Help wanted with bedwetting. "Oh, that's easy to fix. Just put another child in bed with him to help". Or what about this? Marcus B fell from a tree and broke his one leg. "Poor guy, if he only has one leg, he's in bad shape since it was broken!" :-) He keeps us entertained with his comments.
    Kim M

  7. Ohhhh Dorcas, This was a wonderful start to my day. I'll be chuckling every time I think about it. =)