Monday, June 27, 2011

Why Today Was Nice

This was at the bottom of my blog when I checked it today:

Maybe you can't see it, but my hit counter said 222222, which makes me happy with its neat, unusual row of digits, and also because it means all you fine readers have been doing a lot of clicking. Thank you, all of you.

My sister-in-law Lois is only 4 days older than me. My neighbor lady's birthday is the same day as Lois's but she's a few years older than Lois and me. We have a tradition of the three of us getting together to celebrate our birthdays. It's a very special time.

This time we had tea at our house.

The neighbor is on the left. She feels uncomfortable with her name and details being splashed all over the world, so I won't name her but I'll just say that she is a wonderful neighbor and friend who always makes me feel special.

Lois is on the right. She is a friend and sister-in-law both, and she makes me laugh, and she likes books, and she is both practical and empathetic.

Details for those who like details: the wicker came from Kenya some 7 years ago. The table is a piece of plywood from the warehouse laid over the wicker coffee table which is too small on its own, and has an uneven surface. Emily arranged the bouquet on the table, and the neighbor lady brought the roses.

I served tea, scones, cucumber sandwiches, lemonade, and fresh fruit.

I am sitting in a teeny-bopper chair because it came the closest to being the height of the wicker chairs, but I was still looking up at the others.

The big china plates are from Paul's grandma Lena.

Jenny served us, and then she laid down her tray on the floor to take the picture. Down there on the left, lined with a bandana (her idea.)

We had a brief moment of panic right before the guests arrived when Cleo the diligent cat caught a mouse and proceeded to eat it right below the fancy table.

Quotes of the Day:
[he bravely removed the mouse and saved the day]

"It used to be, I just had to do two or three things to get ready in the morning, but now that I'm older it takes so long because there's so much to do. I mean, you have to hunt for chin hairs!"
--anonymous friend


  1. This looks delightful--minus the mouse, of course! Love this kind of thing! And the QOTD about chin hairs and such gave me a good laugh. Thanks for a happy start to my day.

  2. Congrats on the stats...I totally get how you feel. I was totally pumped to reach one thousand hits. Great job!

  3. Lois Overholt6/29/2011 1:34 PM

    Enjoyed the tea party account. I totally relate on the extra time to get ready for any thing outside of the norm. Age does bring a slow down in thinking and actions but I love not feeling that I have to hurry with everything that needs to be done.
    May I ask what Your SIL's maiden name was? She looks so familiar.
    A belated Happy birthday.

  4. Lois--my SIL was Lois Smucker, back in the day.