Friday, September 16, 2011

Bible Memory Camp 2011

Last week we took 11 youngsters to the coast for Bible Memory Camp. Here in the Valley the temps were in the 90's [we finally got July in September--loved it!] but at the beach it was breezy and in the 60s.

This year we decided to rough it a bit more, staying in tents at a campground instead of in a house, and cooking over a fire.

The biggest advantage to this arrangement was that there was plenty of room for everyone and all the stuff. Also, cleanup was very easy and we didn't have to obsess about keeping sand off the floors.

There weren't a lot of disadvantages, but we should have brought lanterns so we could play games after dark.

You can see pictures of the weekend here. Jenny shot most of them.

Quote of the Day:
"Cuz you're his cheeseburg-ER. . ."
--an inspiring song sung around the campfire

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