Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My Cold

I have a cold.

When other people have colds I tend to say, Oh that's too bad, and I tend to think, Well, it's just a cold, get on with your life.

If I remember right, I haven't had a real full-blown cold for a long time. I've spent the last couple of winters swallowing vitamins and cod liver oil and echinacea, and when others in the family got sick I sliced raw garlic into my salads despite the family's protests and plowed through like James Bond piloting that plane through the flames in Tomorrow Never Dies, which I once watched on a plane, never fear, I don't watch JB on my own time.

I also haven't had a full-blown flu since that horrible bout with swine flu a few years ago.


I came home from Minnesota and Emily had a cold that made her look like she was weeping miserably for a couple of days, and it was bad but she said it's not as bad as feeling sick all over.

I took my vitamins and was sure I'd be fine.

But I caught her cold and oh mei zeit I am sorry for ever not feeling sorry enough for you if you ever told me you had a cold.

I feel like someone dumped acid in my eyes, stuffed styrofoam up my nose, pushed me down the stairs, attacked me with the forklift, and ran me through the spin cycle on the washer. I glance at the light and my eye gets all prickly and gushes forth tears that stream down my cheek. My chest is slathered in Vicks but I can't smell it. I cut up pieces of an old flannel sheet for handkerchiefs, since Kleenexes are just too savage for my raw nose.

I spend a lot of time in bed and can't muster up the courage to do a load of laundry.

I can think of only one good result of this and that is that when I'm not lying down I can usually work on the computer, and I did a bunch of work on my next book and also planning for the writing class I'm starting to teach next week.

You're probably thinking, It's just a cold, why don't you get on with your life? I guess colds are much more dramatic and portentious when they're your own and not someone else's.

Quote of the Day:
"I came to the conclusion that if things are difficult, that's not an abnormality. That's just normal."
--Mike G., a friend from church


  1. Oh, the compassion I feel for you! So sorry!!
    And I loved your quote of the day! Tell Mike and Debbie hi for me if you would!

  2. Having suffered with a horrific cold last year for what seemed like a month(I hardly ever get colds too), I know what you mean! Hoping you recover quickly:)
    Be blessed,