Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Thailand Tales 8

I have dozens of stories I'd like to tell and a hundred pictures I'd love to post but sadly my hands are giving me fits with that tendinitis/carpal tunnel stuff that flares up every so often.  So I'm saving them for the writing in the class I'm taking and also for redoing my email address list so people [you know who you are] can finally get the last three Letters from Harrisburg.

I'd appreciate your specific prayers for my hands.

Other than my hands we're doing great and have only 4 days left in Thailand!


  1. I totally understand the tendinitis/carpal tunnel junk. I have both of those, too--and a bone in my wrist that was broken and wasn't set in my grade school days that gives me trouble now--all in my right wrist! No fun at all. And kudos for spelling "tendinitis" correctly! :-) Anyway, I am looking forward to reading more of your Thailand adventures when the time is right and the pain levels more tolerable for you. Prayers for your malady, and for your journey home!

  2. I feel really sorry for all the people in the world who have never hear of a feed reader. Yay Google Reader!!
    It makes getting your updates super easy.

  3. Wow, my sister lived in Thailand for 2 years.

  4. I share your pain. Recently I told some friends with whom we were staying, "I'll make potato soup if you'll peel the potatoes!" (So they did, and I did.) Just aggravates my thumb and my arm so much. I love crosswords, but I have to watch it. Writing is bad news for my thumb and my arm.
    I'll be happy to pray for you. -PC in VA