Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Goals and Goings-On

If you've tried to explain something to me in the last few days and I've seemed a bit distracted, it might be because in the last week I did most of the legwork for taking 8 people camping, sent my middle son off to New York (and then Toronto after that, for a year of voluntary service) (weep), made some big decisions regarding a forthcoming book, found and hired an editor for said book, got the school people off to the first day of school, situated plans for Christmas and a women's retreat in January, sewed two dresses for Amy, gave advice for some major decisions, plus all the normal routine, and a few things that are not for the world to see at this point.

So life hasn't slowed down yet, but somehow I keep expecting it to.

After 50 years of it not doing this, I somehow still expect life to slow down and let me catch my breath.

I had 253 goals for July and August.  Since I am very ADD and forget anything that's not right in front of my nose, I printed them all off and taped them on the cupboard doors.
So you don't see this decor featured on Pinterest.  Well, this is the lovely thing about being queen of your own kitchen.  You can do what you want.

Well-- "Goals."  Maybe more like "things to do."

Anyway, I met 156 of them which is pretty good for an ADD woman who has a hard time finishing anything.

Now I'm starting a new list for September to December.

We note that one of the goals was "Go to John Day."  We got this done one weekend in July, driving some 5 hours to a lovely spot where the John Day Mennonite Church had their annual church camp.  Paul was the speaker which meant we got the little cabin, truly a "Little cabin in the wood," homey and beautiful, but not exactly, "Little man by the window stood, little rabbit hopping by, knocking at the door."

More like, tall man, bent over his laptop, getting ready for his next talk, and running out of power and unable to recharge, with no electricity.

Even with no running water or electricity, we did not suffer discomfort.  They had provided a big tank of potable water, and had fridges powered by propane to cool the food and stoves to cook it.

One special thing was the hayride, and a very special aspect of the hayride was the old tractor, now sold and refurbished, that used to belong to my SIL Geneva's dad who had several acres of luscious produce and a stand to sell it at.

A less-special but still memorable part of the weekend was the little green caterpillars that came dangling down from the pine trees on invisible threads like those tissue paper balls you see all over Pinterest, hanging over cribs and parties and such.

Intrepid little girls collected the caterpillars in paper cups and let them crawl on chunks of wood.

Good times were had, and we felt honored to be invited.

Jenny, reading this over my shoulder, says, "What about all the other goals??"  You don't want to read about all 253, trust me, especially "Attack boys' room/pray for wisdom" and "Aus misht lamb shed."

 Quote of the Day:
"Well, if you cut off Steven's arms, he might turn out like that."
--Jenny, when we were discussing the amazing Matt Stutzman, the Inspirational Archer who just won a silver medal at the Paralympic Games.


  1. New book? Yay!

  2. I hope some of these "things to do" simply mean you need to over-see them getting done... like aus misht lamb shed ~ find stephen! LOL and btw, I do love reading your stuff. :)

  3. Yes, you actually can find that type of kitchen decor on pinterest - because I just pinned it, quote included! It made me giggle to myself, that dry humor!!! So I pinned it to Blogs I Read and called it good.

  4. oh I love this! I pinned your kitchen photo too :) It's inspiring in a maniacal way. Hey, I bet my family would be more understanding if they read my to-do list spread over my cabinets more often. Then they would know why I have a mad gleam in my eye.

  5. I just cover my fridge when I'm planning a trip to China. But I'm more interested in the Stutzman archer. Is he from the Amish?
    Our son was watching the blade runner in the olympics since he wears double prosthesis too. gotta show him the archer.

  6. Oh the joy you will have of crossing off as things get done -!

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  8. Chris--I'd guess the "armless archer's" family has Amish in their history but he isn't Amish and neither are his parents..